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Muslims Strip Naked, Beat and Parade Elderly Christian Woman


A 70-year-old Christian woman was stripped naked, savagely beat, and paraded in the streets of Egypt to jeers, whistles, and yells of “Allahu Akbar,” after a mob of some 300 armed Muslim men descended on her home.

Her crime?  Her son is falsely accused of having a romantic relationship with a Muslim woman, which is banned by Islamic law, or Sharia—the same body of teachings that prescribes the collective punishment of non-Muslim “infidels.”

Seven other Christian homes were also torched by the rampaging mob.

The attacks occurred in Minya, Upper Egypt, on May 20, a Friday: the one day of the week when Muslims congregate in mosques and listen to sermons; the one day of the week when most Muslim mob attacks on Christians occur.

While she was on the ground being kicked, cursed, and spat upon, Sa‘d Thabet, the elderly Christian grandmother, managed to slide herself underneath a wagon.  While hidden there, an unidentified woman slipped her some garments, and the traumatized woman eventually managed to escape.

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