• For Christians of Mosul, trust is the hardest thing to rebuild

    MOSUL, Iraq - Even in the context of the vast destruction left by ISIS everywhere across the Nineveh Plains in northern Iraq, nothing compares to the staggering sight of Mosul’s Old City, where piles of rubble and overturned cars riddled with bullet holes make up half the landscape of the... Read more
  • Christian Leaders Issue Travel Warning: ‘If Turkey Isn’t Safe for Brunson, It Isn’t Safe for Us’

    [caption id="attachment_97291" align="alignnone" width="700"] I[/caption] Evangelical Christian leaders are backing the Trump administration's threat of sanctions against Turkey and urging Christians not to travel to that country, saying it's unsafe for all if it isn't safe for U.S. Pastor Andrew... Read more
  • Pence announces Genocide Recovery Program for Iraqi minorities

    WASHINGTON, D.C. - Vice President Mike Pence announced the establishment of the Genocide Recovery and Persecution Response Program on Thursday “to rapidly deliver aid to persecuted communities, beginning with Iraq.” Speaking July 26, at the State Department’s Ministerial to Advance... Read more
  • Turkey Lets Andrew Brunson Leave Prison

    Yesterday, Andrew Brunson’s daughter described Turkey’s two-year persecution of the American pastor to delegates at the US State Department’s first-ever religious freedom ministerial. “I cannot tell you how proud I am of my father and what an example of Christ’s love he continues to... Read more
  • LatAm debunks persistent myth about anti-Christian persecution

    Recent developments in the Central American nations of Nicaragua and Venezuela both offer not only sobering indications about the direction of those societies, but also a thorough debunking of one of the most persistent myths about anti-Christian persecution in the early 21st century. Since... Read more
  • Turkey Keeps American Pastor Behind Bars—At Least for Three More Months

    After nearly two years in a Turkish prison, hopes for the release of American pastor Andrew Brunson have been deferred. A Turkish court ordered 50-year-old pastor to remain bars until at least his next hearing on October 12. On Wednesday, the court heard testimony from members of Brunson’s... Read more
  • Once hidden, the history of Japanese Christianity gains UN recognition

    Nagasaki, Japan, Jul 3, 2018 / 02:42 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Places of major importance for Japanese Christianity, including the Nagasaki basilica commemorating 26 Catholic martyrs, have been selected as UNESCO World Heritage sites. “These sites bear unique testimony to a cultural tradition... Read more
  • Nicaragua VP says God favors repression against priests, people

    ROME - As the government of Nicaragua struggles to maintain control amid a spiraling cycle of protests over its economic policies and human rights record, it’s launched a new crackdown on the Catholic Church, stopping a group of priests who were trying to broker a dialogue between pro- and... Read more
  • Nicaragua’s bishops try to free a parish under siege by Ortega forces

    After it was confirmed that a man was killed in a Catholic parish in Nicaragua on Saturday, where a group of students, priests and journalists were hiding from the pro-government forces, a cardinal and the papal representative in the country went to the site to try to mediate while dozens of... Read more
  • Mideast Christians See Russia—not the US—as Defender of Their Faith

    War was swirling in Syria. Rebels were pressing. And Maan Bitar was the only hope for American help. “Because I am evangelical, everyone thinks I have channels of communication,” said the pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Mhardeh. “Syrians believe the United States has the power to... Read more