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Why You Should Visit The Museum Of The Bible Even If You’re Not Religious

Last month the much-anticipated Museum of the Bible opened in Washington DC. The project is the brainchild of the Green family—evangelical Christians and owners of Hobby Lobby. Josh Shepherd recently offered a comprehensive look at the details, scholarship, and history of the museum.

With the bold mission to “Invite all people to engage with the Bible,” it is to be expected that some may assume bias or inaccuracy in the museum. But just as anyone should think critically about the narratives of any educational institution, Museum of the Bible offers ample room for each visitor to interpret the experience differently.

Whether you think the Bible is an out-of-date relic or the inspired word of God, the museum helps you to engage with the ancient text and its legacy in a revolutionary way. With free admission, here’s why you should make Museum of the Bible part of your trip to DC, whether you’re an atheist, a rabbi or anything in between.

If You Don’t Believe Anything the Bible Says

The Bible has affected history more than any other book has. Even if that thought discourages or angers you, it is unavoidable. The Bible affects your life because it has shaped the world you live in. Museum of the Bible shows throughout its exhibits how normalized the Bible is in Western and American culture.

In the “Bible in the World” exhibit on the museum’s second floor, visitors can see how even commonplace expressions like “there’s nothing new under the sun” or “an eye for an eye” have biblical origins. For the English-speaking world, the Bible has been the lingua franca of art and literature, from Shakespeare to Kanye.

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