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Kresta in the Afternoon – April 27, 2021 – Hour 1

Al examines a TIME Magazine piece about Joe Biden’s Faith, Kari Beckman previews a Catholic family conference and Mark Movsesian explains the significance of the US acknowledging the Armenian genocide.

Kresta Comments: Joe Biden – “Regular” Catholic?

A recent Time Magazine piece lauded what it calls the “regular” Catholicism of President Biden. What are they missing? Al discusses.

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Joe Biden’s Presidency Has Highlighted the Rifts in the American Catholic Church

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Catholic Family Conference Gives Families the Light of Truth

Taking place in Irving, Texas and everywhere else online on May 1, the Catholic Family Conference was created to inspire, strengthen and enlighten families with the truths of the Faith. Join great speakers like Cardinal George Pell, Bishop Joseph Strickland and Dr. Ralph Martin for a great day of talks and growth. Kari Beckman has the details.

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Catholic Family Conference

Kari Beckman is the Foundress and Executive Director of the Regina Caeli Academy. Visit and

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USA Finally Declares Armenian Genocide – What Now?

This weekend President Biden became the first US President to officially recognize the Armenian Genocide. To do so risks potential fractures in US relations with Turkey but does signal a commitment to global human rights. What happened in the Armenian genocide and what is the future for Christians in Armenia, especially given the recent conflict with Azerbaijan? Mark Movsesian joins us.

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Christian advocates praise Biden for recognizing Armenian genocide

Anticipating Biden on Genocide, Armenians Fear Cultural One in Azerbaijan

Biden officially recognizes the massacre of Armenians in World War I as a genocide

Biden’s Armenian Genocide Stance Pleases Christians, Angers Turkey

Mark L. Movsesian co-directs the Tradition Project at the St. John’s Center for Law and Religion.

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