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2 Strangers bring gift to newborn in hospital after unintended text

The elderly are often teased for their lack of tech-savvy, but one grandmother’s slight technical oversight proved very rewarding, according to a report in Upworthy.

When little Cason Lashley made his arrival into the world, his excited grandmother sent a group text to update family members. However, she inadvertently sent the text to a stranger named Dennis Williams.

When he pointed out that she’d sent the message to a wrong number, it didn’t stop her from sharing a photo of her new grandchild and engaging in a text conversation with the stranger. And in a sweet gesture, the Williams brothers turned up at the hospital armed with a gift to have their own photo taken with the little bundle.

The new parents, Mark and Lindsey Lashley from Georgia, were noticeably moved by this kind act and shared “If we all only had this kind of heart.”

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