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Gift of Death: A Message of Comfort and Hope


Do you fear death? Our last breath on earth is followed immediately by our first breath in eternity, and for many, the distance between those breaths is full of fear and uncertainty. Through the use of personal stories and insightful conversations, Monica Hannan has opened for us a light into an often dark subject. Her natural gift for storytelling and her in-depth interviews with those who have experienced death, either their own or the deaths of those close to them, offer proof not only that our lives do not end here, but that there is no need to fear our final hours or what comes next. For those who put their trust in God, death truly is a gift, as we close our eyes in this world and open them in the next. “As I made my way through the manuscript, it reminded me of so many experiences in my own life and ministry, which is a signal to me that the book will be a true service to its readers.” — Msgr. James P. Shea, President, University of Mary.

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