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Wrapping our Family in Mary’s Mantle


One of my sharpest memories as a child is of my grandmother’s house. It was warm, comforting—one of my favorites to visit. At the end of her hallway was a print of Raphael’s “Madonna and Child,” the soft colors and warm tones of which always made me feel peaceful and comforted, as though Mary had the whole house wrapped up in her mantle. Gram lives with us now, and that same print hangs at the end of my hallway, a constant reminder of Our Lady’s presence in our lives and her protection over our family.

Having a devotion to Mary has not only deepened my faith, but it’s helped strengthen our family’s domestic church as well. As St. Louis de Montfort wrote, “Mary always leads us to Jesus.” This has been certainly true in our home.

If you’re ready to deepen your family’s relationship with Our Lady, try this seven-day challenge designed to do just that.

Monday: Make the Space

In order to begin a new devotion in our family, we need to make space—both physically and emotionally—for that devotion to grow.

If you walk through our home, you’ll see many pieces of religious art. Having something we can see and even touch helps engage us with our faith. As you get ready to go deeper with Our Lady, create a family prayer space within your home.

Transform a table with the simple addition of a beautiful tablecloth. Adding your family’s favorite books about the faith will draw everyone in and make spiritual reading easy to choose. Make prayer accessible by hanging your rosaries on hooks or putting them out in a bowl. Find a simple print or statue of Our Lady that you love to hang in your home. Let the sight of it remind you to stop and chat with her throughout your day.

Take it further:

Let your children carve out their own prayer spaces. In our home, each child has a little cubby corner in our library that they call their own. They have each chosen an image of Jesus or Mary along with a few faith-based books and holy cards. When I have my morning prayer time, they are most often found in their own prayer spaces looking at books and chatting with Jesus and Mary.

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