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The Women’s March Deliberately Ignored Huge Numbers Of Women

The news cycle Saturday was dominated with coverage of the hundreds of thousands of women, many donning pink hats, gathering in major cities for “women’s marches” to protest Donald Trump. Anyone watching the news would have gained the distinct impression that these marches purported to speak for women across the country, with headlines like: “Women’s Marches Protest Trump Election & Agenda,” and organizers emphasizing that “we represent half of this country.”

But could we be honest about what this really is? This isn’t a “women’s march” but a liberal women’s march. Despite the organizers’ promises to the contrary, these marches were by no means inclusive and failed to represent the diverse array of priorities that many women across the country have. Some were even actively discounted.

For instance, march organizers excluded feminist pro-life groups from being full partners in the event. As one activist tweeted, “Nope, you cannot be anti-choice and feminist. Forcing birth on unwilling women is misogynist act.” It may be, but the Pew Research Center finds that 40 percent of women think abortions should be illegal in most or all cases. Are these marches truly “women’s marches” when they exclude 40 percent of American women?

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