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Women searching for answers after 2k fetal remains found in home of former SB doctor

Women in our area are coming forward, wondering if remains found at an abortion doctor’s home are related to them.

They were found when Dr. Ulrich Klopfer died earlier this month. Klopfer performed thousands of abortions at clinics in South Bend, Fort Wayne, and Gary.

As we told you, Indiana’s attorney general is working with Illinois authorities to determine if those remains were transported over state lines.

This case is drawing a lot of attention and some elected officials were in South Bend Tuesday. They are now asking for an investigation to be done — not only on the remains, but the people that worked with Klopfer as well.

Trenevia Ivory says she was forced to have an abortion at 17 years old.

“Today I just had a lot of emotions, because I haven’t been over here in 11 years,” said Ivory, former patient of Dr. Klopfer. “I try to avoid coming this way because I’m still traumatized.”

She came to Tuesday’s press conference to try and get support and answers.

“I hate looking at that building,” said Ivory. “It brings me so much pain. Pain, guilt, emotions, sadness, anger, hurt.”

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