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With family in Israel, Jonathan Roumie prays for peace

Jonathan Roumie, who portrays Jesus on The Chosen, shared a video of himself praying the Holy Rosary for the intention of peace in the Middle East. Roumie, who has been building a prayer group on YouTube since the days of the pandemic, invited everyone to pray along with him.

Just days after Hamas launched a brutal surprise attack against Israel, the actor was in a small medieval Italian town when he felt called to pray. The video begins with the camera aimed towards a lone street light, already glowing as the sun is beginning to set. Roumie looks a little distressed as he steps into the frame and begins to walk down the narrow Italian side streets, explaining:

“I’m in Europe, where the history comes from and I felt it in my heart last night and then today I felt called to pray. I’m going to pray the way I know how to pray and the way I’ve learned how to pray for the maximum amount of spiritual force,” he said as he held up a Rosary. “I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m gonna just keep walking and I’m gonna offer up today’s Rosary for all who are suffering in the Middle East, in Israel and Gaza. All the innocent victims that don’t deserve what they’re dealing with right now.”

He remarked that there are many cast members of The Chosen, himself included, who have ties to the Holy Land. He noted that he himself has family members who are in that region who are in “dire, dire situations.” He then led viewers through the prayers of the Holy Rosary.

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