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With Churches Closed Due to COVID, Priest Celebrates Easter Sunday Mass on Ancient Rock

As Mass restrictions continue across the globe amid the coronavirus pandemic, many parts of the world still have churches shuttered. With parishes locked in the United Kingdom, a lone priest in Ireland set out to celebrate Easter Sunday Mass on an ancient rock upon a crag overlooking the sea that was once used during another era when Catholics had to practice their faith in secrecy. 

Fr. Gerard Quirke celebrated Easter Sunday Mass at dawn from Keem Bay, Achill Island, an ancient site upon a cliff in Ireland. According to Father Quirke and as reported in the Irish Times, the site was used “during the era of penal laws when Catholics endured restrictions on their civil liberties.”

In Father’s Quirke’s homily, he spoke about the importance of the Easter feast day and why it must be celebrated:

“The reason why we gather on this day, why this day is so important, more important than all the other Christian feasts of our year, is because no matter what Jesus did in his life, his birth,  his life, his miracles, his healings, his teachings, all that would mean nothing, if he hadn’t on this day, risen from the dead. No other God ever claimed he would rise from the dead. Jesus proclaimed that Gospel and he did so because he was the true God.”

The priest began Mass at dawn on Easter and touched on the significance of the location and the history of persecution the Emerald Isle has faced. 

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