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What I Wish Women Knew About Plan B

I’m going to get right into it.

About four years ago, I was in a relationship. We were sexually active. I was taking birth control. One day, though, I forgot to take my pill. After our weekend together ended and it was time for me to head home, I was hit with anxiety: What if…?

At first, I shook it off. I knew the likelihood of that happening to me was so slim. Plus, it was only one missed pill. I convinced myself I’d be fine. But the anxiety didn’t go away.

Thoughts spun through my mind. I can’t get pregnant right now. Am I overexaggerating?  I’m not ready. We’re not ready. I have to finish school. Would I get an abortion? Isn’t that wrong? Would we keep the baby?

I told my boyfriend. He seemed unafraid and had a simple solution.

“Let’s go to the drug store on your way out of town and grab you the Plan B pill.” The words rolled off his tongue so casually, like it was normal. “Yeah, I’ve bought it before for a girlfriend. You’ll be fine.”

So I packed up my stuff, got in my car and followed him to the drug store. I was in shock, thinking, I’m THAT girl right now.

At the same time, there was this real thrill — like “one more thing I can say I’ve done.” It was similar to the feeling I had when I’d lost my virginity the year prior: a little bit of shame mixed with a sense of accomplishment.

How sad. I was somewhat proud of myself.

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