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Wisdom Begins in Wonder: How Authentic Catholic Educators and Families can Save the Culture

Ave Maria Radio, Fr. Gabriel Richard High School, Emmaus Health, ArborWoman and the Notre Dame Club of Ann Arbor have worked together to produce and sponsor the Familiaris Consortio Lecture Series. The 2020 edition focused on Authentic Catholic Education, with keynote speaker Mary Rice Hasson and her talk “With Grace and Responsibility: Embracing Our Mission in a Challenging Culture“ On this page we have shared the audio from the presentations and helpful books and links.

Audio from Presentations

Dr. Rusty Chavey: The Education Situation

John DeJak: A Single Hair on Your Head Shall Not Perish

Mary Rice Hasson: With Grace and Responsibility: Embracing Our Mission in a Challenging Culture

Discussion Panel I

Tom Maloney: The Role of Catholic Schools in Supporting the Domestic Church

Discussion Panel II & Closing Remarks

Video: What Catholic Students Say About Catholic Education

Helpful Links

Unleash the Gospel – Archbishop Vigneron

Domestic Church Bibliography – Karen McLelland

Pastoral Solutions Institute – Dr. Greg & Lisa Popcak

Faith on the Couch Blog – Dr. Greg Popcak

National Catholic Partnership on Disability

Family Resources and Reading – USCCB

Ruth Institute – Jennifer Roback Morse


Familiaris Consortio series – Fr. Gabriel Richard High School

Emmaus Health

Recommended Reading

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