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Will You Sleep Through the Apocalypse?


Sometimes, even a humanities major like me conducts an experiment. I Googled: “The snooze button is evil.” The results: 145,000 hits in 0.39 seconds. I looked at the first page, and I saw that titles of some of the hits included: “Is the Snooze Button Bad for You?”; “Why Hitting the Snooze Button Will Screw Up Your Entire Day”; “Why the Snooze Button Is Ruining Your Sleep”; “Snoozers in Fact, Are Losers” (not a surprise to have a rhyming title from the New Yorker magazine); and perhaps the most authoritative-sounding: “The History of Snooze Clocks & Why They Are Evil.” It doesn’t take much insight or imagination to predict their content.

I made a more specific search: “The snooze button will endanger your salvation.” Results: 28,300 hits in 0.63 seconds. Some of the tiles seemed directly relevant: “Are You Pressing the Spiritual Snooze Button?” and “How to Stop Slapping Your Spiritual Snooze Button.” But most seemed to link to sermons for kids, and I wasn’t a quarter down page two of the results before I got to photos of cats.


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