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Why we’re addicted to panic


So this is it. We’re all going to die.

You know what’s funny about that phrase? It’s always true. Oh sure, some of us hope to putz around for a few more years before returning to dust. Even if that happens, though, death is still just around the corner. The march towards the grave is relentless, and no matter how low your cholesterol levels, you’re always just one fallen tree or funnel cloud away from the Big Goodbye.

It’s also true that, in some sense, everyonedies alone, no matter how many loved ones sit by our deathbeds. No one else can take that step with you, into the Great Beyond.

This is a truth we all know, and desperately want to forget. Perhaps that’s why we’re such suckers for public panic.

It’s Always Something

Swine flu. Rape vans. Black-market kidney thieves who leave you in ice-filled bathtubs. One day the planet is freezing its way into the next ice age; five minutes later we’re careening into a literal global meltdown. (Perhaps we’ll next be told that the climate isn’t changing enoughso we need to stop eating chocolate to fight Climate Stagnation.) One way or another, the general public is perpetually persuaded that they’re hanging from a precipice.

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