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Why We Need Bl. Miguel Pro Now, More Than Ever

Winifred Corrigan

¡Viva Cristo Rey!”

These were the electric and immortal words shouted by Fr. Miguel Pro, S.J., as the virulently anti-Catholic government firing squad took aim at him, his eyes wide open and arms stretched forth in cruciform posture.

Long live Christ the King!

Miguel Pro was martyred for the faith at the age of 36, executed, on November 23rd, 1927, which the Church now commemorates as his feast day. He was Beatified in 1988 by Pope John Paul II.

Providentially on the heels of Bl. Miguel Pro’s feast, this weekend, the Church will celebrate the feast of Christ the King – the final Sunday of Ordinary Time (originally established for the last Sunday of October, but moved from its original date in 1970 with the establishment of the new liturgical calendar).

Blessed Miguel’s story is evidently powerful, and the Church is waiting for a final miracle for his canonization. Surely this is a saint to invoke in any cases in your own life – especially those needing a verifiable miracle, such as the medical healing of a loved one in danger. But even beyond his cause for sainthood, there are a number of timely reasons this holy Jesuit priest of the modern era is an intercessor to turn to in these days of unrest.

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