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Why North Korea Remains World’s Greatest Persecutor of Christians Despite ISIS’ Rise

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Despite the continued rise of the Islamic State terror group and Islamic extremism across the world, persecution watchdog group Open Doors has again listed North Korea as the greatest oppressor of Christians worldwide.

The North Korean government, now led by Kim Jong Un, was placed at the No. 1 position for the 14th consecutive year when Open Doors released it’s 2016 World Watch List on Wednesday.

Open Doors CEO David Curry told The Christian Post in an interview on Thursday that even though Islamic extremism generally stole news headlines throughout 2015, there are very good reasons why North Korea still has not moved from the top spot on persecution.

“Getting information out of North Korea is notoriously difficult. That is what makes the fact that it remains number one on the World Watch List even more amazing. We don’t even know how many Christians have been martyred in North Korea. Yet, it remains at the top. That’s because it uses all of the powers of its government to suppress Christian faith, to punish even the most basic of things such as owning a Bible,” Curry told CP.

“There were over 70,000 Christians that were imprisoned for their faith this year. You have executions — we don’t know how many, but we know of enough. There has been no let up in persecution in North Korea,” he added.

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