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Why is the West turning a blind eye to persecuted Christians in the global South?

At the beginning of this year Open Doors, an international Christian NGO, published its annual World Watch List 2021. This highlights countries in which Christians face high to extreme levels of persecution. Last year there were 74 countries on the list. This means that 340 million Christians had to endure some form of persecution only because of their convictions.

This is not news. It has been going on for years. What is becoming increasingly obvious, however, is that the Western media is ignoring it. Report after report is tossed onto shelves where they gather dust – while microaggressions in privileged workplaces are often front page news.

Persecution, intolerance and discrimination against Christians can take various forms and shapes — torture, imprisonment, threats, exclusion, abuse, abduction or legal threats.

Or even death. On average 13 Christians are killed every day because of their faith, mostly in Africa, especially Nigeria. This human rights tragedy is getting worse (it increased by 9 percent in 2019). And violence is not the only driving force of persecution. There are “squeeze factors” — political and social pressure — which are not as visible and easy to detect. These are often precursors of violence because they create the cultural legitimacy for it.

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