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Why every year should end in hope

No matter what kind of bad news happened over 12 months, goodness will always triumph.

At the end of a bad year, it is tempting to be pessimistic about life and even grow in despair. This is especially the case when we surround ourselves with negative news headlines every day, seeing all the death, destruction and deceit that happens in the world.

Yet, it is important to remember that “bad news” does not have the final word.

Pope Benedict XVI reflected on this reality during his Te Deum homily in 2012.

At times of course it is hard to understand this profound reality, because evil is noisier than goodness; an atrocious murder, widespread violence, grave forms of injustice hit the headlines; whereas acts of love and service, the daily effort sustained with fidelity and patience are often left in the dark, they pass unnoticed. For this reason too, we cannot stop at reading the news if we wish to understand the world and life

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