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Why Christians are Blamed for Islamic Terrorism


Syndicated columnist Derek Hunter made an observation in the aftermath of the Orlando shootings that parallels my own impression at the time:

If you only watch network news and read the New York Times you easily could come away with the impression that last Sunday morning a conservative Christian man, draped in crosses and screaming “Make America Great Again” walked into a gay bar and murdered 49 people on direct orders from the Republican National Committee headquarters located in the basement of the National Rifle Association’s headquarters, naturally in a space they rent from Fox News.

Reading this description of the anti-Christian Left’s demonology, it would seem that for the Left some enemies count more than others. Although its representatives rage against gun-owners and Fox News viewers, there is something they may hate even more. Those who “cling to their guns and religion,” as Barack Obama said mockingly while campaigning as a presidential candidate in my home state of Pennsylvania, tend to be professing Christians, an object of growing political vilification.

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