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Why Are People Attacking Amy Coney Barrett for Adopting Kids from Haiti?

When rumors suggested Friday that President Donald Trump was set to nominate Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, a particularly vile line of attack began to emerge from leftist activists and blue checkmarks on Twitter.

While some of these tweets were later deleted or walked back, the left had tipped its hand: Barrett’s two young, adopted children are not considered out-of-bounds for witch hunts and smears.

Nor was this line of questioning limited to Twitter, according to Diane Kunz of the Center for Adoption Policy. Kunz, who was actively involved in the Obama administration’s effort to expedite 1,152 adoptions from earthquake-stricken Haiti in early 2010, said a major mainstream newspaper contacted her on Thursday with detailed questions about Barrett’s Haitian adoptions.

“I told them there was nothing there,” Kunz said. “Furthermore, I told them no one has a right to this information. Children’s adoption files should never be the target of a political investigation.”

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