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Why Are Billion-Dollar Companies Hysterical Over the Texas Pro-Life Law?

Several high-tech firms strongly oppose Texas’ new pro-life heartbeat law. The Match Group, which owns apps including and Tinder, announced that it will offer travel assistance to their Texas-based employees who “need to seek care outside Texas.” 

Salesforce, a billion-dollar company, announced that it would assist with relocation for any of its 2,000 Texas-based employees who choose to leave the Lone Star State. I think these companies are driven by more than ideologically driven posturing. I think we are seeing something deeper at work. U.S. society, including the economy, has reorganized itself around the ready availability of abortion. Businesses are making money, directly and indirectly, from the availability of the abortion license. 

Match Group CEO Shar Dubey revealed more than she knew when she stated, “The company generally doesnot take political stands unless it is relevant to our business.” Of course, abortion is relevant to their business. The Match Group owns both and Tinder, as well as several others. presents itself as a tool for finding a lifelong soulmate, whereas Tinder is an unapologetic casual sex app. 

The Sexual Revolutionary ideology teaches that casual sex is a private recreational activity, with no social consequences worth thinking about. Without the ideology of the Sexual Revolution that sex is an entitlement, there would literally be no demand at all for the casual sex apps. Without abortion as a backup plan for contraceptive failure, the demand for sex apps would go down. Simple cause and effect thinking. 

The businesses that are making money from the Sexual Revolution have always been counting on the Sexual State to create the social climate that allows them to thrive. They are upset because the state is no longer protecting them and their profits. 

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