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Why am I becoming Catholic- A personal journey


To many it may seem odd that I am becoming Catholic.  They might say, “Who becomes Catholic? I thought people leave the Catholic Church?”  I thought that myself at one point.  I was literally the only person I knew who was becoming Catholic, at least prior to starting the process.   I know plenty of people born in the Catholic Church, practicing and non practicing.  But the vast majority of the people I know are Evangelical Protestant types. My own Family being almost entirely Baptist/Evangelical, the Catholic Church was very foreign to me.

There was no chance of me ever becoming Catholic, other than by God’s guiding hand.

During my marriage, it became evident to me that the Bible could be interpreted by anyone in just about anyway.  I won’t get into all the specifics, but conflict in my marriage could not be settled by “the Bible Alone”  both my wife and I turned to an outside Authority to “interpret” the Bible.   Both of us held our beliefs, and not even “majority rules” seemed to work when it came to interpretation since a very good argument could be made that Jesus said “the gate is narrow and few find it”.  If that is true, perhaps the majority opinion was wrong.   My marriage fell apart for a number of reasons, but this was at the core in my opinion.   That said, the issue was shelved while my personal life was sorted out.

During this time, I made an effort to complete my degree at the local community college.  I had to take one class….any class….to complete my residency requirement and graduate.  I got into the only online class I could, Philosophy of Religion.   My goal was to do as little as possible to get through the class to get my degree and be done with it all.  As part of this class I had to go on two field trips, one to an Eastern Religious site and one to a Western Religious site.  Both had to be outside of my own tradition. Naturally, I went to the local Roman Catholic Church for a Sunday mass to satisfy my field trip requirements.

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