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Who will succeed Nicaragua’s Cardinal Brenes – and when?

Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes, the Archbishop of Managua, Nicaragua, marked his 75th birthday Thursday with an almost two-hour interview.

Brenes, who has led Nicaragua’s sole archdiocese since 2005, looked at ease during the wide-ranging conversation, despite the intense pressure exerted on the Church in recent years by the country’s dictatorial President Daniel Ortega.

In the interview, Brenes — a distinctive figure with bushy white hair beneath his scarlet zucchetto — confirmed that he had submitted his resignation to Pope Francis, as requested in canon law.

He noted that his resignation letter had presented no conditions for his departure, “because it seems to me that it would be bad manners to put terms to the pope.”

But whether to accept the resignation may not be a simple decision for Pope Francis.

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Read more at The Pillar 

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