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White House Again Refuses to Call ISIS’ Slaughter of Christians ‘Genocide’


White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest declined to call the Islamic State’s persecution of Christians in Iraq and Syria a “genocide,” saying earlier this week that such a distinction requires a “specific legal determination” that has “not been reached.”

During a press briefing on Monday, Earnest was questioned by a reporter on whether the Islamic State is “carrying out a campaign of genocide against Syria’s Christians?”

Earnest initially responded by failing to address the “genocide” question and answered by saying that the Obama administration has “long expressed” concerns with the “tactic” used by ISIS to “slaughter religious minorities.”

Ernest went on to assert that the United States government took action early in its military campaign against IS to help clear a pathway for Yazidis who were trapped by IS militants on Mount Sinjar in Northern Iraq.

After saying that IS’ atrocious treatment of religious minorities is an affront to American values, Earnest was again asked to address whether or not IS’ persecution of Christians should be considered a “genocide.”

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