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While Ukrainian Violence Dominates The News, The Silent Slaughter Of Nigerian Christians Continues

For weeks, a shocked world has been transfixed by Russia’s murderous invasion of Ukraine. The killing and maiming of innocents by the thousands — unarmed women, children and the elderly — has been stunning. Resourceful Ukrainian soldiers have demonstrated enormous courage. And nation after nation has responded with rage, reprimands, armament, financial sanctions and threats of further recourse. Few members of the international community have remained unmoved.

Yet, at the same time in another part of the world, brutal violence against similar innocents has not only continued for years but has dramatically increased in the past few months. 

Most recently, on March 20, Morning Star News reported from Nigeria, “Suspected Fulani herdsmen on Thursday (March 17) kidnapped 46 Christians and a number of their children in an attack in Kaduna state.”

The heavily armed terrorists had attacked a predominantly Christian town, Agunu Dutse, shortly after midnight. “They trooped into our village in large numbers and began shooting indiscriminately at anyone on sight,” a local resident explained.

The following Sunday night, March 21, a church service in a different Kaduna city was just ending when well-armed insurgents arrived. “Agban Kagoro is under heavy attack with sporadic gunshots, burning down of houses in Adan, Mararaba, and Tsonje,” a frightened witness told International Christian Concern. Another later recounted, “Twenty-five people were killed and over 100 houses burnt.”

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