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When Did the Church’s Moral Teaching Cease Being Relevant to You?

Sometimes an article is just so important you have to draw people’s attention to it.  That article is “Why Faithful Catholics Get Divorced” by Tom Hoopes, written fifteen years ago, but re-published recently on the Crisis website.  It is well worth reading. The article addresses intelligently a disturbing situation I have noticed for some years.  Forgive me for my naïveté, but I am still always shocked when I hear that a “traditional” or “conservative” Catholic couple has divorced.  It’s not that I find these people more at fault or the break-up any more or less tragic; it just surprises me. This sort of thing is less surprising when a person or a couple are “nominal, check-the-box” Catholics.  Not less tragic; just less surprising.  Since such people have rarely if ever considered the Church’s moral teaching binding in any meaningful sense, if they start having marital problems, it is not surprising when they choose the usual societal “fix.” Someone moves out.  There’s a divorce.  And the two parties go in their separate directions, sometimes one or the other into a new marriage, while the other remains faithful to their vows.  There are few things more tragic than this sort of abandonment which, in effect, creates widows and orphans.

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