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What to say to someone suffering from a miscarriage?


Most people have no idea how painful pregnancy loss can be. Do you know how to help?

Here are the top 10 terrific things that you can say and do to help. 

Want to know what NOT to say? See our Top 10 Terrible Things That Caring People Say and Do for tips on what to avoid.

Visit for our free Helpful Toolkits for women who have miscarriedmen impacted by miscarriagefamily and friends who want to help, and ways to memorialize.

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Show support! Wearing the “Forget Me Not” flower, especially during October’s Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month, assures those impacted by pregnancy loss that we are remembering them, and remembering their children with them. Pins, bracelets and sympathy cards featuring the “Forget Me Not” flower are available in Life Perspectives’ “Forget Me Not” Signature Collection.

If someone you love is struggling after miscarriage, here is our Top 10 list of things to say that will help them to pave their own path to peace.
Simple but powerful, these words can make a difference!

#10 I know it’s been weeks/months/years/decades since we talked about it. I just wanted to check that you’re OK.
Would it help to talk about it?

Emotional reactions after pregnancy loss are as unique as fingerprints. However, those that grieve can feel this pain for years – even decades – according to our study . In addition to this pain, there is the worry that others have completely forgotten about the loss – or forgot that the pregnancy even happened. This is a kind and thoughtful way to find out if someone you love needs help.

Help them understand that they are not alone. Show them the Life Perspectives’ Helpful Toolkits or visit our Shop for sympathy cards and memorial items in our “Forget Me Not” Signature Collection. This collection features the “Forget Me Not” flower as a symbol that we are remembering them, and remembering their lost children with them.

#9 Would you like a spa / manicure / massage / lunch / dinner / a bottle of wine / weekend getaway?
Even better: add “my treat.”

When life is busy, and you think everyone has forgotten your grief, there is no greater show of love and friendship than your time and attention. Just spending a few hours with them, doing something they love, can go a long way in showing how deeply you care.

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