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What they don’t tell you about motherhood: An Open Letter to Women

We live in a world that will only tell you about the hard parts of motherhood, and somehow leaves out all the pieces that make it worthwhile.

The world likes to make labor and delivery seem horrible, and it can definitely be a rough journey. Mine certainly didn’t go as planned. It was 40 hours long. I lost a quarter of my blood volume. It was exhausting and terrifying. And yet it was incredibly, powerfully, intoxicatingly wonderful. 

And that was the moment I realized that there’s a lot they don’t tell you. 

They don’t tell you that labor might be a storm of your deepest fears, but you’ll find the strength to withstand it. That it may be the moment you first fully realize how fearfully and wonderfully you’re made; how strength is imprinted in the marrow of your bones.

That it may be the moment you begin to truly realize the cost of giving your own body and blood for someone else’s life, when your exhausted eyes might meet His in a hushed, stunned wonder as you suddenly grasp a deeper meaning of those familiar words:

This is my body.

This is my blood.

For you.

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