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What the world needs now: To burn with the love of Christ’s Sacred Heart

“I came to cast fire upon the earth.” —Luke 12:49

Fire! What single word more immediately commands people’s attention? No sane and moral person would ever consider yelling the word fire in a public place, for fear of causing a panic.

Fire has tremendous power. It gives warmth and light, but its consuming heat also ignites virtually everything in its path.

One of the most curious and often vexing characteristics of fire is that it can be so difficult to kindle and also extremely difficult to extinguish. Countless campers have embarrassed themselves struggling to start campfires before the watchful eyes of their companions. And the difficulty of extinguishing large fires—wildfires that consume entire neighborhoods, for example—is a grim fact of life in places like California.

The Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus reveals God’s love as a fire that burns in the Heart of Jesus Christ. This feast day also reveals the eager desire of Jesus to spread His love over the entire face of the earth.

This is a time when many people feel imprisoned by doubt, fear, sickness, hatred, and division. Only Christ’s burning love offers the ultimate, perfect treatment for these diseases of the human soul. Pope Benedict XVI once called this fire, “Christ’s own passion of love” and “a fire that is to be handed on.” These designations provide an apt way of thinking about devotion to the Sacred Heart.

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