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What Do We Mean by the Term ‘Kerygma?’

On Wednesday, Archbishop Christophe Pierre addressed the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. His fundamental message to them was, based on Pope Francis’ insights, to begin again from Christ. A crucial point he develops is evident in the following words from his address:

“The kerygma — the proclamation of the Good News — is not a ‘traditional’ custom or a certain ‘social practice.’ The kerygma is the joyful announcement that Jesus Christ is a living Person to be encountered, who through his Resurrection has defeated sin and death.”

Given his emphasis on this, we do well to explore what is meant by the kerygma. A proper understanding of it becomes more central as we look to evangelizing a culture, almost from scratch.

The term κήρυγμα (kerygma) is a Greek word meaning “proclamation.” The Greek word κηρύσσω (kerysso) means “herald,” or one who proclaims. And thus the kerygma is what is proclaimed.

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