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What did Jesus know and when did he know it?


A reader writes:

“Our family loves Sean Bean (Boromir! Woot!) so we’ve been really looking forward toThe Young Messiah. I read your interview with the director and it sounds really interesting. After watching the trailer, though, I have some concerns about how Jesus is portrayed. (I know you said not to watch the trailer, but I saw it before reading your article!)

I don’t see how Jesus could be God and not know who he is. My aunt read the book and she says Jesus does miracles by accident, without even meaning to. She says this is heresy. What would you say to that?”

I would begin by letting your aunt know that The Young Messiah has been highly praised by the likes of Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston, Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Philadelphia, and Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami, among others.

Archbishop Chaput called the film “a portrait true to biblical faith” and “an exceptional movie.” Cardinal O’Malley described it as “captivating, inspiring, and deeply moving.” Archbishop Wenski believes this film may “open[] a door into people’s hearts that otherwise would have been shut because either of their fear of God, anger with God or indifference to God.”

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