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What clerical abuse victims expect from McCarrick trial

Theodore McCarrick will be arraigned in a Massachusetts courtroom this week on sexual assault charges.

Both victim-survivors of clerical sexual abuse and their advocates have told The Pillar that publicity surrounding the McCarrick trial will be difficult for some people who have been abused by clergy. But they say its outcome could offer some abuse victims a sense of justice, and the trial might ensure continued attention to the problems of sexual abuse and abuse of office within the Church.

The hearing Friday will be the first time McCarrick is charged in American criminal court in connection with allegations of serial sexual abuse and coercion of minors. The former cardinal, who was laicized in 2019, is alleged to have sexually molested a teenager, a family friend, several times during a 1974 wedding reception.

McCarrick will be arraigned Sept. 3 for three counts of “indecent assault and battery in Massachusetts. His attorney has said McCarrick and his legal team “look forward to addressing this case in the courtroom.”

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