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We Can Be Filled With Hope, Even in Dark Times

As I write this, my spiritual mother and father are anxiously waiting with their son and daughter to see whether or not their granddaughter will have permanent brain damage after she went into cardiac arrest after she was born. Another one of my closest friends suddenly lost a cousin who was perfectly healthy and in the prime of her life. Multiple friends and their loved ones are battling cancer. We are in a period of great division in our nation. Meanwhile, this pandemic continues to linger with its uncertainty along with the reality that it too is fomenting division.

With so much going on in the world, Christ still calls us to hope against hope. He calls us to walk into the darkness with a complete surrender and abandonment to Him in trust. To lean in when we doubt and to seek His strength when we are weak. St. Paul tells us that ‘it is in our weakness that we are made strong’, but we cannot come to understand this truth until we fall to the ground under the weight of our self-dependent burdens and allow Christ to pick us back up.

Far too often we try to carry everything ourselves. We may not fully realize that we are not giving everything over to Christ. We think we must go it alone, not burden others, or be strong. It is only through a confrontation with, and acceptance of our weakness, that we can progress in holiness. Part of this strengthening comes through the supernatural virtue of hope. It is the virtue that leads us to continue on the way, despite the obstacles and afflictions that beset us. 

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