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Washington Post’s Kermit Gosnell Denialism Is Out Of Control


Today the Supreme Court issued a ruling forbidding Texas from enacting health and safety regulations for facilities that end the lives of unborn children. That same court admits that the regulations were enacted by Texans in part in response to the horrific story of Kermit Gosnell, an abortion doctor out of Pennsylvania.

Gosnell is in prison for the murder of one woman and three children, the most recent of the untold number of victims he killed as part of his abortion practice. He worked for decades in filthy and unsafe conditions, keeping trophies of his victims’ feet and other body parts in formaldehyde around his cat-urine-soaked offices. The conditions of his abortion clinic and the illegal killings that took place there were only discovered when federal drug agents investigated him on tangential and unrelated drug trafficking claims.

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