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Washington Post cuts ‘Sacred Heart’: Yes, Katie Ledecky had help reaching her golden goals

Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil - CC-BY-3.0-BR
Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil – CC-BY-3.0-BR

So who is winning the race, this far into Rio 2016, to be the beaming face on the front of the post-Olympics Wheaties box?

Will it be gymnastics icon Simone Biles? How about the amazing, and inspirational, Simone Manuel? Or how about the young swimmer whose record-smashing times have led some to call her the world’s most outstanding athlete – in or out of a pool – at this moment in time?

That, of course, would be Katie Ledecky. The problem with this 19-year-old superstar is that she is stunningly normal, in terms of her life story. You can see the Washington Post wrestling with that reality in a feature story after her gold-medal blitz that ran with this headline: “Her goals met, Katie Ledecky speeds toward the next chapter of her life.”

Once again, note that this is not a simple sports story. The goal here is to talk about Ledecky as a person, to talk about her future and what makes her tick. What are her values? What will shape her goals in life, now that she is packing away her Olympics experiences and heading to her freshman year at Stanford University?

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