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Wake Up Church: Disappointing Debate Demands the Response of Christians


In an hour and a half of barbs, bluster and blarney, very little substance emerged in what took place on Monday night, September 26, 2016. The two nominees for the Presidency of the United States took the stage in the most watched political debate in American history. For many observers, this writer included among them, it was a night which fueled deep disappointment. I had high hopes. I prayed for so much more. After all, at 61 years old, I am convinced that this is the most consequential election of my lifetime.

I can hear the response to that last claim, even as I write this article. “Everyone says that, every four years.” But, this time, it is undeniable. I will touch upon four fundamentals of the American experiment in ordered liberty to make my point.

The Supreme Court

The next President of the United States will name four Justices to the United States Supreme Court. I have been to that Court as co-counsel in cases of great constitutional significance. There is little doubt that the consequences of those appointments will determine whether the scourge of killing innocent children in the womb under the subterfuge of a court manufactured, counterfeit “right” to abort the innocent will continue — or be jettisoned to the dust heap of atrocities allowed by past regimes gone astray. One candidate affirms the Right to Life of children, the other denies it.

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