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Virginia Abortion Clinic’s License Suspended For Gruesome Conditions


Yesterday the Virginia Health Department temporarily suspended the license of “Virginia Health Group,” an abortion clinic in Fairfax, Virginia. This comes after Virginia’s governor, Democrat Terry McAuliffe, not only vetoed a bill to defund the nation’s largest abortion provider Planned Parenthood, but while visiting an actual Planned Parenthood, just to make a point.

During a two-day inspection this month, the Department of Health found 26 deficiencies, listed in this detailed 52-page report. Subsequently, the department immediately suspended the clinic’s operating license.

Inspectors observed, among other things: dirty equipment, unlocked and expired medication, inaccurate and absent medical records, unsterilized or improperly sterilized medical equipment, bloody gowns, and one of the physicians wearing dirty scrubs and working out of a dirty office. Here are portions of the report documenting such things:

the surveyor observed that exam room 1, where a surgical procedure was being performed, did not have a sink available for handwashing. While performing the surgical procedure, Staff #1’s gloves were observed to be visibly soiled with blood… the surveyor observed Staff #1 clean exam room 1 after Patient #7’s surgical procedure. The surveyor noted that the rolling exam light which was touched by Staff #6 while wearing contaminated gloves during the procedure was not cleaned, the ultrasound machine sitting in the room beside the patient was not cleaned, neither the can of Hurricane numbing spray nor the bottle of Monesl’s solution were wiped off after having been used, and only the top of the vacuum suction machine was cleaned.

After completing the examination, weighing and packaging of the POC, Staff #2 removed the gloves, goggles and gown. Present on the gown was blood stains. Staff #2 held up the gown and looked at it and proceeded to hang it on the back of the door for future use stating ‘Oh it’s not that bad’, referring to the amount of blood on the gown.

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