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Vatican’s Doctrinal Office: Don’t Promote Alleged Apparitions Connected to ‘Lady of All Nations’

The Vatican’s doctrinal office has urged Catholics not to promote “the alleged apparitions and revelations” associated with the Marian title of “Lady of All Nations,” according to a Dutch bishop.

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s appeal was announced in a clarification issued Dec. 30 by Bishop Johannes Hendriks of Haar­lem-Am­ster­dam.

The clarification relates to the alleged visions which Ida Peerdeman, a secretary living in the Dutch capital Amsterdam, claimed to have received between 1945 and 1959.

Bishop Hendriks, who as the local bishop is primarily responsible for evaluating the apparitions, said that he had decided to issue the statement after consulting with the Vatican’s doctrinal congregation, which guides bishops in the discernment process.

The bishop said that the Vatican congregation regarded the title “Lady of All Nations” for Mary as “theologically acceptable.”

“Nevertheless, the recognition of this title cannot be understood — not even implicitly — as the recognition of the supernaturality of some pheno­mena from which it seems to have come,” he wrote in the clarification, published in five languages on the website of Haar­lem-Am­ster­dam diocese.

“In this sense, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith reaffirms the validity of the negative judg­ment on the supernaturality of the alleged ‘apparitions and revelations’ to Ms. Ida Peerdeman approved by St. Paul VI on 04/05/1974 and published on 05/25/1974.” 

“This judg­ment implies that everybody is urged to cease any propagation concer­ning the alleged apparitions and revelations of the Lady of All Nations. Therefore, the use of the images and prayer cannot in any way be consi­dered a recognition — not even implicitly — of the supernaturality of the events in question.”

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