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USCCB Eucharist draft document focuses on real presence, not Communion denial

The draft text of a prospective U.S. bishops’ conference document on the Eucharist is focused on a call to “enter more deeply by faith and love into this great Mystery of Mysteries.”

A draft text of the document, which was finalized in September and circulated to the bishops last month, addresses the subject of “Eucharistic worthiness,”  —  the states of grace and sin which the Church teaches affect a Catholic’s suitability to receive the sacrament. But as drafters predicted in June, the draft includes no specific mention of high-profile Catholic politicians in favor of abortion.

It does not include any recommendations for the denial of Communion, despite some media predictions it would do so.

The 26 pages of a draft text obtained by The Pillar focus mostly on the Eucharist as a gift, as the real presence of Christ, and as a sign and cause of of communion with Christ and his Church.

The draft document calls Catholics to worship, to transformation in holiness, and to prophetic proclamation of the Gospel, characterized by a commitment to love for neighbor, solidarity with the poor, and a commitment to justice and the common good.

“The Lord is with us in the Eucharistic Mystery celebrated in our parishes and missions, in our beautiful cathedrals and in our poorest chapels,” the draft document says.

“He is present and he draws near to us, so that we can draw nearer to him. The Lord will be generous to us with his grace if we, by his grace, humbly ask him to give us what we need.”

The document concludes with a call to discipleship: “Brothers and sisters, let us thirst for the Lord who first suffered thirst for us. Let us adore Jesus who ever remains with us, on all the altars of the world, and lead others to share in our joy.”

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