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Unplanned Doubles Box Office Expectations, Twitter Explains Why Unplanned Account Was Suspended

Unplanned had a good — in fact, surprisingly successful — first weekend. The movie shows the reality of abortion as it tells the true story of Abby Johnson, a Planned Parenthood clinic director turned pro-life advocate. The pro-life movie made 6.1 million in box office sales this weekend. That’s more than double what movie industry forecasters were projecting.

Unplanned tweeted that they’re seeing theaters sell out. What’s more, they’re planning to add 700 new theaters this week.

Opening weekend came with some headache too, as Unplanned saw its official Twitter account suspended, then reinstated after an outcry. Twitter notified @UnplannedMovie that it would take about an hour for their follower numbers to repopulate.

But “an hour or so” wasn’t the case. Users reported trouble following the account. By Monday morning Abby Johnson tweeted that she couldn’t follow her own movie.

Twitter’s Response

So what’s the official Twitter explanation for all of this?

A Twitter spokesperson told the Daily Dot (with a straight face) the suspension “wasn’t directly about this account. When an account violates the Twitter Rules, the system looks for linked accounts to mitigate things like ban evasion. In this case, the account was mistakenly caught in our automated systems for ban evasion.”

The spokesperson declined to explain what that other account was, which Unplanned was mistakenly connected with.

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