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Unleashing the Power of the Holy Spirit: the Vision of Encounter Ministries

Here in the Diocese of Lansing — and, indeed, in a growing number of Catholic communities in Michigan and nationally — Encounter Ministries stands as a beacon of hope and renewal.

Founded on the bedrock of friendship and ignited by a shared passion for spiritual awakening, Encounter Ministries has emerged as a dynamic force, dedicated to unleashing the transformative power of the Holy Spirit into the hearts of believers worldwide.

“Encounter Ministries started actually through a friendship with me and my friend Patrick Reis,” says Father Matthias Thelen, co-founder of the initiative. “We attended a conference together and really desired to see the renewal of the Holy Spirit reach the whole Church. Our goal, our hope, is that the Church will come alive with the Spirit that Jesus died to give her.

“We wanted to begin demonstrating what the Holy Spirit can do in the Church, but also teaching people how to walk in that power, walk in that goodness that God has for the whole Church.”

At the core of Encounter Ministries is a profound commitment to equipping disciples and empowering them to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in manifesting God’s love.

The ministry runs a comprehensive two-year school of ministry aimed at teaching, equipping and activating disciples to walk in the fullness of their identity in Christ. The program encompasses a breadth of content beyond healing ministry, touching on subjects such as identity in Christ, prophetic ministry, and hearing God’s voice.

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