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Undercover video proves Google interfered in Irish abortion referendum

Google admitted to interference in Ireland’s 2018 abortion referendum but claimed that it was merely to “help voters.”

In revelations made by pro-transparency website Project Veritas, YouTube “blacklisted” a large number of videos on its platform in advance of the referendum while also interfering with search results. YouTube is wholly owned by Google. When voters searched for specific terms on YouTube, the results of their searches were manually altered by Google, thus assuring that the videos selected by Google reach the top of the search results.

Among the searches affected by interference from Google were “irish catholic,” unborn life,” and “abortion is wrong.” The interference in search results came within one week of the referendum, which allowed abortion nationwide. Sources leaked the news to Project Veritas, which was later corroborated by the Breitbart news organization. Some observers have noted that there may be similar manipulation of Google search results with regard to searches related to former secretary of state Hillary Clinton and her use of a non-classified internet server for her top-secret communications during her stint in the Obama administration.

Among the blacklisted phrases related to the referendum were:

  • abortion is barbaric
  • abortion is wrong
  • abortion is murdering
  • Repeal the 8th
  • Murder of innocent babies
  • Right to life
  • abortion and Down syndrome
  • child murder
  • abortion and the Catholic Church

An undetermined number of media and YouTube users were affected by Google’s blacklisting.

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