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Uncle Screwtape is Delighted with our Social Cowardice

My Dear Wormwood,

Forgive my tardy response to your last flaming missive (or—if you really want to impress me—don’t) in which you attempt to berate me for insufficiently appreciating your efforts at sowing discord within the venue of American Politics. As they say in your circles, “Goon, get over yourself.” Political discord, especially in America, where headlines and soundbite analyses are accepted even when they are false or as penetrating as prop knives, is easy stuff, and I am surprised at how needy was your grasping for approval. By now you should know that one does not applaud a smoker for striking a match. Moreover, your bratty insistence that I pay you notice seemed to me to border on a cartoonish-hell of calumny, and I have been so busy not reading or answering ersatz calumnies directed my way that I simply haven’t had time to not read or respond to yours.

That said, I am heartily in favor of what you are doing with the social rhetoric now inspiring so much angst, passion, confusion, and truly wonderous cowardice among the self-identified (in hideous current vernacular) “woke” subjects in ascendance. It is furthering a churning sense of general disorientation among the society in which you work, which has already successfully morphed into an all-encompassing and perpetual high school lunchroom.

I have been particularly interested to observe that, even as hierarchies in general are being derided and targeted for disruption elsewhere, your subjects so willingly cling to thatparticular pecking order in which the elect “cool kids” direct the social discourse while the descending leagues of “uncool nobodies” who comprise the multitudes either try to keep up or seek escape. Either action sends them into the fields of rejection and isolation, where we so often do some of our best work.

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