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UK: Islamic State jihadi who emailed PM’s office threatening to “wage jihad” got job on Crossrail railway project

Crossrail is a railway project; it is Europe’s largest construction project.

An Islamic State fanatic emailed the Prime Minister’s office threatening to “wage jihad” before being given a job guarding the Crossrail project.

Shamim Ahmed also “once threatened to blow up a bookshop for selling the Charlie Hebdo magazine.” But none of this mattered. Public safety was compromised, and a known jihadist was hired. Why? To avoid charges of “Islamophobia”?

Questions will be raised about why Ahmed wasn’t charged earlier after he ‘became increasingly radicalised in his Islamic faith’ as he grew up in east London.

Questions should be raised, and Shamim Ahmed is not the only overt jihadist being enabled by Western authorities. Western borders are porous and jihadists have free reign to maneuver at will. Instead of adopting realistic security measures, Western leaders are telling their people to get used to jihad attacks.

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