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Two signs of hope for Christians in the Muslim world


Bitter experience has bred skepticism when self-proclaimed “moderate” or “peace-loving” Muslims declare they represent the true face of the faith, since such claims to date haven’t put much of a dent in the global spread of Islamic-inspired terrorism.

At the same time, it’s arguably hypocritical for Westerners to insist that moderate Muslims speak out, and then brush them off whenever they try to do so.

In that light, two recent developments from within the Muslim world seem encouraging, even if how much difference they’ll make in the short term remains an open question.

In Turkey, a local court in Malatya ruled on Jan. 26 that both the federal and regional governments were negligent in protecting three Christians who were brutally assassinated in 2007, despite clear indications that they were at risk.

In April 2007, three Protestant Christian missionaries, two Turks and one German, were tortured, stabbed, and strangled. Their five young assassins, armed with knives and covered in blood, were arrested at the scene of the crime. All five turned out to have links to known Turkish nationalist groups.

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