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Two Big Things Feminism Gets Wrong

Feminists are feeling sad and unloved. The world doesn’t seem to like them anymore, and they don’t know why.

Of course, every good feminist expects to be scorned by boorish, misogynist men. But now even women are turning on them, which from a feminist’s perspective is just obtuse. Do you not like voting, ladies? Being permitted to get an education and pursue a serious career? Do you want to be barefoot, pregnant kitchen slaves?

It’s hard to muster much sympathy for feminists as a group when you’ve seen what bullies they can be. Still, this might be a time for rising above. Some feminists do seem to have a good-faith interest in figuring out why so many people hate them. It might just be the sort of soul-searching that happens after an electoral drubbing, but either way, they deserve a good-faith answer.

I think their confusion is understandable. Most of these women have spent their lives immersed in a feminist ethos. To them the choices seem stark: either we embrace feminism, or we accept the oppression of women. How can that be a hard choice? Even granting that there may be some kinks to work out, it’s hard to see why any woman would want off the feminist bandwagon, unless, of course, she’s roiling in false consciousness and misogynistic self-loathing.

All Aboard the Feminism Train?

For a good example of a puzzled feminist, consider Julia Bowes. She wants to know why Time Magazine keeps sending “mixed messages” concerning feminism. When applied to “the non-white Other” Time seems very feminist. Hooray for professional Arab women! Down with violence against Afghan teens! Turning back to the West though, the magazine can’t stop pointing fingers, blaming feminists for misandry, neglected children, and depressed would-be Supermoms who can’t quite “do it all.”

What’s the deal, Time? Do you like feminism, or don’t you?

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