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Twelve bishops under investigation by Church in Mexico for covering up sexual abuse

Archbishop Franco Coppola, the apostolic nuncio to Mexico, said that to date there are 12 bishops being investigated by the Catholic Church for allegedly covering up cases of cases of the sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable adults in the country, but that nothing has been determined so far.

The investigations, carried out on the basis of the norms established by Pope Francis in his motus proprios “Come una madre amorevole” and “Vos estis lux mundi” are in various phases. While some cases are still being studied in Mexico, others have already been referred to the Vatican.

Pope Francis issued “Come una madre amorevole” in 2016, establishing that negligence by bishops in dealing with cases of sexual abuse may justify their removal.

Three years later, in 2019, the Holy Father published “Vos estis lux mundi,” which establishes that when accusations implicate Catholic bishops, the metropolitan archbishop of the ecclesiastical province to which the accused belongs must oversee the investigation. 

In Mexico, there are currently 19 ecclesiastical provinces, headed by 19 archdioceses, which comprise 73 dioceses and four territorial prelatures.

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