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Turn to Mary In Times of Desolation

He was going through a terrible interior storm. There seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel.  It seemed hopeless; no way out!  Loss of appetite, loss of sleep, loss of desire for anyone and anything.  Life seemed to be insupportable.  As if he was hanging from a steep precipice, his life seemed precarious to say the least!

This was the interior state of one of the most known, most loved, and most admired saints in the Catholic Church.  Yes!  This was the interior state of a near-despair experienced by the great Saint Francis de Sales!

A Helping Hand

When all seemed bleak, dark, obscure, almost beyond hope, the young man, Francis de Sales, entered a Church.  One of his prayers was: “Lord, even if my destiny is hell, at least grant me the grace to love you even there!”  Such was his interior condition!

However, neither God nor the Blessed Virgin Mary ever abandon their children, especially in the most dark and bleak of conditions.  Dawn swells and the sun breaks through in souls that entrust themselves to Jesus through Mary.

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