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Turkey: Even Dead Christians Cannot Escape Islamic Persecution


Devoid of a free homeland or autonomy, Assyrians (Chaldeans-Syriacs) — who have resided in the Middle East for millennia — are being subjected to widespread persecution at the hands of the Turkish state and local Muslims.

The continued discrimination is so intense that even dead Assyrians and their cemeteries cannot escape it.

Miho Irak, an Assyrian Christian from Turkey, lost his life on August 20 at age 77 in Belgium, where he had been living for 22 years. A father of eight, Irak was a member of the funeral fund of Turkey’s Presidency of Religious Affairs, the Diyanet. He regularly paid membership fees.

His daughter Nezahat Irak says that Diyanet officials gave up on their plans of taking her father’s dead body to Turkey after they learned he was a Christian.

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